Upgrades & Options

  Enterprise Professional Email Service Upgrade - $10/month

(upgrades the standard business class email to the following)
- Massive 10 GB Mail Storage
- Email Archiving - 30 day running backup/log of all incoming and outgoing mail on your domain.

Email Marketing Administrator - $20/month

The Email Marketing Administrator is an easy to use web based email marketing application. This is probably the least expensive and most effective marketing resource you will find and if you're not currently taking advantage of email marketing you may want to consider getting started. Our Email Marketing Administrator is actually a licensed version of one of the most sophisticated email marketing solutions available and one that normally sells for $45/month. We offer Promobubble members the same program plus our dedicated support for just $20/month.

You can access a working demo here . Click the "Email Marketing Administrator" link at the top of the page and enter the following to access the demo.

username: emdemo
password: pass

Full documentation is built right into the program and the demo is fully functional so feel free to login and give it a try!

Content Maintenance Program - $20/month

Our content maintenance program is designed to make keeping your website up to date painless. We do all of the work for you while the program pricing keeps costs low for you. You'll get up to one hour of content maintenance free each month and any other work that you ask us to do is done at a 30% discount off hourly rates. This applies to larger website updates, custom graphics or website coding or programming.

Even if you choose not to take advantage of our content maintenance program, still know that we are always available to make updates to your site at your request on a per request / per hour basis at our standard and reasonable hourly rates.